Macushla And Other Stories is a collection of horror and dark fantasy tales united by one continuing storyline. Each story has the same two themes (water and loss), and every story but the main one is found inside a little book that mysteriously reappears to tell a different tale each time it is opened. 


When Registered Nurse Peg Starling moves from a little known town in Kentucky to a populous city in Ohio, she has no idea how drastically her life is about to change. Alone and lonely, she can hardly contain her excitement (and her nerves) when a coworker invites her to a party. What Peg doesn’t know is that by attending the party she is placing her fate, indeed her life, in the hands of two superior beings – one malevolent, the other obscure. What is certain, however, is that Peg will soon learn that not only is the grass not always greener, but sometimes the water is much, much deeper. 

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The Malignance

We all have responsibilties, but Licensed Practical Nurse Jemma Hollister has more than her share. As a single young woman, she alone is responsible for the health and well-being of her two-year-old son, eleven-year-old sister, and eighty-year-old aunt. ​At first, she seems to be coping, but when circumstances necessitate finding a new place to live, Jemma is overwhelmed by the task.

When at last, handsome History Professor Mark Weston decides to let them move into his old family home, otherwise known as "The Weston Place", one of Jemma's lifelong dreams is realized. She has admired the home for years, and the idea of restoring it to its original condition fills an unrealized void in her life.  The dream turns into a nightmare, however, when the family is plagued by a series of alarming occurrences. Meanwhile, Jemma herself is beset with a mysterious and unshakable lethargy.  

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